Gordon Duncan Estate

From my first meeting with Clinton Beck of Beck Estate Services, I knew this was the company most qualified to assist me with the daunting task of preparing my fathers home for sale.
With 45 years worth of living to sort through, categorize, collect and dispose of, the task was monumental and I knew I couldn’t take it on myself. My father had been hospitalized for an extended period of time and of course he was my first priority. However,  this was still  the time to address the preparation of selling his home as I live in the U.S. and eventually would have to head home.
As Mr. Beck and I walked through the home and property together, he reassured me his company would handle everything and have the estate “ market ready” within 30 days. I was immediately impressed! Not only was my dad’s home in need of major purging, he also had two outbuildings and five acres of property that needed tending to. This was no small task!
Beck Estate Services worked tirelessly and went above and beyond to bring the estate back to a pristine condition. After a very successful garage sale, many unsold items were donated to fire victims as well as a local animal hospital. This extra effort solidified the character of the company. Making charitable donations of my fathers well loved items struck an emotional chord in me and I am so grateful to know so many have benefited from this act of kindness.
Throughout the process many situations arose ( plumbing repairs and such) and Mr. Beck, with my prior approval, quickly and efficiently hired the right people to rectify each problem. He was my eyes and ears through this whole process since towards the end I was back in the U.S. and unable to address these unexpected issues myself.
The entire home and property was detailed and definitely market ready within our contracted time of 30 days! I could not be happier with the end result.
I highly recommend Beck Estate Services to anyone in need of this kind of assistance with their home.
A sincere thank you to Clinton Beck and team!!

Debra Duncan Deb dcomrie@gmail.com