Collection Management

Collection Management

“An Organized System To Protect Your Collection”

Collection ManagementKnow what you have and what it’s worth. Cataloging provides a documented inventory of your valuable objects and can be presented in a report or entered into a database.  A digital archive can be sorted and viewed for any purpose.  This is the major purpose of collection management.  Today with digital photography and modern cataloging methods, it has never been more affordable.

We Make Recommendations

Condition assessments made through the inventory process include recommendations for art conservation treatment, proper storage solutions and framing.

For established collections we can help by conducting scholarly research on works of art, handling loan logistics and assisting with estate planning.  We can also advise on the ongoing growth of your collection.

The Collection Management Plan

We are here to help you develop a collection management plan.  This is an important part of building your collection documents. Include the vision for your collection if you have one.

Every collection has different needs for their collection management plan. As well as defining your procedures, you’ll need to say who has responsibility for doing the work. Your plan could include the following topics:

  1. Your rationale and purpose, or vision
  2. Guidelines and processes, including selection criteria
  3. How you manage objects
  4. Procedures for processing, repairing and servicing items.  ex. Furniture Oiling or Watch Oiling
  5. Reviewing and maintaining the collection management plan.

collection managementAs part of your collection plan, you’ll need to set up a system for managing all the resources in your collection. The background information you’ve gathered will help you make a selection plan.  As part of your plan you can also add details such as what acquisitions you are hunting for as well as budgeting.  You may want to consider a professional treasure hunter to help you acquire that special rare piece.  Our acquisition services can he of great assistance.