Our Appraisers

Our Estate Appraiser Team

Clinton Beck Appraiser, Auctioneer – CEO President & Founder

Clinton Beck has built his corporation over the past 35 years appraising all types of treasures. His companies all deal in antiquities, numismatics,  jewelry and auction services. His antique & jewelry stores are a foundation of the antique community in Alberta. His knowledge and expertise are at your service.

Clinton is the President of the Wild Rose Antique Collectors Society, Vice President Military Collectors Club of Canada Edmonton Chapter, Director of The Edmonton Numismatic Society and Director Leading Stars Arts & Education Foundation.

Clinton is a professional appraiser with over 35 years experience. He is also a member of the Alberta Auctioneers Association and the Canadian Jewellers Association.

Clinton M. Beck President & Founder

Beck Antiques & Jewellery Inc.
Beck Gold & Diamond Brokers
Beck Gemmological Laboratory
Beck Estate Services
Beck Numismatics & Rare  Coins
Beck Gold & Silver Bullion Dealers
Beck Silver & Metal Polishing

Samantha VandenBrink Appraiser – Furniture, Clothing & Jewelry Appraiser

Samantha is a life long lover of jewellery, antiques and fashion. Her love of jewellery began when learning from her grandfather, a renowned Jeweller and Hand Engraver from the UK. She has spent over 25 years learning about the jewellery and antiquities industry. Samantha has been mentored by Clinton Beck for the last 10 years, absorbing every bit of knowledge possible. Samantha is a Certified Adult Educator and uses her formal training in combination with her experience to lead and train other appraisers.

Kärin Thomas Appraiser Antiques & Estate Appraisals

Kärin Thomas is a top notch appraiser of art, antiques, furniture and artifacts.  With an interior decorating background, her passion for purchasing beautiful items started at a very young age.  She has traveled to more than 40 countries and has found some incredible treasures.  She is an expert researcher and loves to help find the treasures for your collection.  If you are downsizing, looking to liquidate or have any questions regarding appraisals Kärin would be happy to answer any questions.  Kärin is the owner of Beck Antiques & Jewellery in Leduc Alberta.

Lilyan Shih Gemologist CGA

Our head gemmologist is Lilyan Shih, a Fellow of the Canadian Gemmological Association, and Certified Appraisal Professional from the Canadian Jewellers Association.

Beck Gemmological Laboratory provides jewelry appraisals that meet the Jewelers Vigilance Canada Jewelry Appraisal Guidelines.  Our appraisals are acceptable to all insurance companies.  We also provide estate jewelry appraisal services.

Beck Gemlab appraises antique jewelry, watches, clocks, antiques, pearls, jade, and all types of treasure.

The true measure of an appraisal, whether a gem, jewelry, or watch is a combination of sophisticated laboratory technology, and expertise in interpreting the test results. Beck Gemmological Laboratory gives you both the latest technology and experts who can interpret the findings.

Beck Gemmological Appraisal Laboratory and its staff of expert Gemologists have built its reputation as one of the leaders in the industry. Our appraisals and lab reports are recognized worldwide by retailers, private jewelers, wholesalers, and insurance companies. We offer a number of appraisals and comprehensive laboratory services to suit any of your needs.

When you visit Beck Gemological Laboratory, you can always expect a friendly welcome and we explain the complete appraisal process in detail. You can also have your appraisal is performed in front of you, while you watch.