How An Appraisal Works

“A professional appraisal limits risk.” Cameron Baker Insurance Expert

How an appraisal works:

The appraisal process begins with a qualifying discussion to determine the purpose and scope of the objects to be appraised. We will determine the best appraisal to suit your needs.  The valuation approach is then determined, and an estimated fee is given based on the hours of work anticipated to complete the assignment.

The Best Type Of Appraisal For You

Depending on your specific needs, our experts will choose an appraisal format that will satisfy your individual detail requirements.

Our fully documented process uses an easy-to-understand, confidential, business contract outlining the terms of service including estimated price, time frame, and level of detail required.

A visit and inspection:

Next, an onsite inspection is arranged to examine, measure and photograph. Comparable objects/works are researched using selected academic resources, online databases (gallery and auction prices), exhibition and catalogue raisonnés.

“Nothing is guess work, it is a scientific process”  Clinton Beck President